The Popularity of Functional Fitness

What makes Functional Fitness so fascinating?

Positive Results and Success Stories

Some important aspects are undoubtedly the images of extremely fit athletes and the many positive results and success stories of less athletic people who achieve their goals in a relatively short time by, for example, losing fat mass, becoming more mobile, generally fitter or considerably stronger.

The Supportive Community

However, two other factors play an even more important role in the popularity of Functional Fitness, and that is first of all the incredibly fun, positive and motivating community of people who share the same interests and goals and support each other. This leads to lifelong friendships within the community with one big common goal, which is pursuing a healthy lifestyle through sufficient exercise, healthy food and doing what you enjoy. That is the goal that every member within the Functional Fitness community has. The Functional Fitness community is a large community, and this community mainly comes together to train. As a result, you will make progress over time and notice many benefits, and that is very motivating.

The Challenging Workouts

Which brings us to the second factor that plays a very important role in the popularity of Functional Fitness, and which is another very important aspect, namely the workouts themselves. These workouts are often challenging and require a great deal of physical effort. During the workouts you often push your own limits. The workouts are often not easy either; you have to show perseverance and overcome yourself again and again in order to persevere and move on when confronted with yourself. Because it is not always easy to experience your own limitations. However, in addition to the physiological and neurological adaptations of training, this also leads to a beneficial psychological effect, which is mental toughness. The feeling you get after the workout is priceless. After the workout you have the great and often euphoric feeling that you have achieved something (again) – that you survived – and you can be proud of yourself. Because you are good the way you are. Everyone in his or her way. And that is again and again a very satisfying feeling and the appeal of Functional Fitness.