What is Functional Fitness?

The Key to Fitness and Health.

For many people, Functional Fitness is a way to maintain or improve their quality of life. And that is exactly what Functional Fitness is all about.

Functional Fitness is a state of the body, lifestyle and training method in which physical and mental well-being are central and inextricably linked. Functional Fitness is used as a training method to achieve any goal; from weight loss to good health and from a stronger body to improved performance.

About Functional Fitness

The mission of Functional Fitness is to educate, inspire and connect the Functional Fitness community through an all-encompassing directory and review site, evidence-based tips and articles, a training app and online courses. Our goal is to create more exposure and awareness for Functional Fitness, small independent gyms, coach-run classes and communities, and its distinguishing features compared to the typical large fitness franchises.

We do this by facilitating:

  • Functional Fitness Gym & Event Pages
    Functional Fitness provides gym owners and event organisers with a smart set of tools to showcase their gym or event. Beautiful, simple and easy to use, a Functional Fitness Gym or Event Page on Functional Fitness is a fun and friendly place to hook up with interested people and connect to your community.

  • Functional Fitness App

    With the Functional Fitness App people can start training, set goals, track their progress, and learn more about the lifestyle and training method. Online soon!

  • Functional Fitness Tips & Articles
    Maintaining or improving your fitness is a continuous process that never ends. Functional Fitness Tips & Articles provides people with evidence-based information to learn more about achieving or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.